10 Reasons To Learn Russian

Learning a new language always gives you a lot of opportunities. Let’s talk about reasons to learn Russian


  1. You’ll be able to speak with 300 million Russian speaking people in the world.
  2. To feel confident during trips to the post-soviet countries.

Well, in most of our countries people don’t speak English so even if you know the basics of Russian you’ll feel much more confident.

  1. To find a girlfriend or a wife (or a husband).

Why not? 🙂 I noticed that a lot of Russian and Ukrainian women look for partners on dating websites. Take advantage of lockdown.

  1. To communicate with your spouse’s children or parents.

If you’re already married to a Russian-speaking person, I’m sure you would like to be able to speak with his\her relatives. That will strengthen your relationship.

  1. To get an education.

If you want to get a higher education or post-graduate: welcome to Russian universities.

  1. To understand your colleagues better.

Are you an IT-specialist or freelancer, or even a gamer? Learn Russian and build new business or work connections in Russia or other Russian speaking countries.

  1. To explore Russian culture and literature.

Russia is famous for its literature, cinematography, ballet, and music. By learning Russian you can explore these treasures in original.

  1. If you understand Russian, you can learn other Slavic languages much faster. You’ll definitely master Ukrainian, Belorussian, and Polish very quickly.
  2. Better career prospects.

Employers highly respect employees who speak Russian.

  1. Making more friends.

Russian native speakers are very positive and open people. They are really happy when someone speaks their language, and they’re always ready to help.

  1. And, finally, it’s challenging  🙂

What are your reasons to learn Russian?