Russian Phrases for Online Dating

Looking for a Russian speaking wife?  Russian really like when someone studies their languages. Russian has a reputation as a difficult language so we really appreciate the effort. Use these love phrases to impress her with your knowledge of Russian 🙂

Phrases for Initial Meeting

Мне понра̀вилась твоя̀ анкѐта. – I liked your profile.

Я бы хотѐл познако̀миться с тобо̀й. – I’d like to meet you.

Я хотѐл бы познако̀миться с тобо̀й\Ва̀ми поблѝже. – I would like to know you better.

Расскажѝ, пожа̀луйста, о себѐ. – Tell me more about yourself, please.

Мне ка̀жется, у нас мно̀го о̀бщего. – It seems to me we have a lot in common.


Giving Compliments

Ты о̀чень хорошо̀ вы̀глядишь.\ Вы о̀чень хорошо̀ вы̀глядите.  – You look very pretty.

Ты прекра̀сно вы̀глядишь. – You look lovely.

Кака̀я ты\Вы очарова̀тельная дѐвушка! – What a charming girl you are!

У Вас хоро̀шее чу̀вство ю̀мора. – You have a fine sense of humor.

У тебя̀\Вас прекра̀сная\очарова̀тельная\сногсшиба̀тельная улы̀бка. – You \ you have a wonderful \ charming \stunning smile.