Scanners vs. Divers. What’s Your Thinking Type?

Do you like reading, writing, cooking, DIY? Do you want to learn 5 languages simultaneously because you can’t choose the only one you like? Today you want to learn how to knit and tomorrow you are going for yoga classes? The world is like a big candy shop for you: you can’t choose what you like, you want it ALL!

Or you’ve already found your life’s work, you’re pretty happy about it and you’re not interested in other stuff? My congratulations, you’re a diver😊 So, some of us are broad scanners and others are deep divers.

What is your thinking type? Are you a broad scanner or a deep diver?

According to Barbara Sher, the US author of “Refuse to Choose: A Revolutionary Program for Doing Everything That You Love”, Scanners have lots of interests and want to follow them all, and deep Divers take one interest and want to go deeply into it.

I had a great relief when found this classification because I’m a typical Scanner😊 Our society is definitely on the diver’s side. “You must finish what you’ve started”. This is what our parents always say to us. And if you don’t, you’re a loser😊 But what if you have so many hobbies and interests that you find it impossible to choose?

So my next step is to read this book and find myself “normal”😊

What about you? Are you a scanner or a diver?