Pomodoro Tracker, or How to Kill Your Procrastination.

Have you ever faced procrastination? For how long can you focus your attention on the activity? How long can you spend studying or working without checking messages on your phone or flipping through the news feed? It seems to me that for not very long.

In the digital age, it is incredibly difficult to learn to concentrate on one activity, and multitasking, unfortunately, is not very effective. The question is: how to become more concentrated, and therefore more productive. How not waste your time and get the most out of it?
To solve this problem, we need our willpower. And, fortunately, it can be trained. For that, we need a kind of exercise machine. I’m talking about the Pomodoro technique.

In the distant 80s, Italian student Francesco Cirillo wanted to spend a minimum of time studying. To do this, he decided to conduct an experiment and divide his study time into short periods. For a self-control, he took a kitchen timer in the form of a tomato.

Now it is a full-fledged time management system that helps people to overcome procrastination, stay focused, and work more productively. According to this system, the working time is divided into two parts: 25 working minutes and 5-10 minutes of rest. During these 25 minutes, you should not be distracted by anything other than your current task. It is easier for the brain to accept because it knows that in the end, it will have a “reward”: 5-10 minutes of free time. The Pomodoro mobile application can be easily installed on your smartphone and used to perform any task. This works especially well with language classes.

Please, share your experience. How do you cope with poor concentration and procrastination? Have you ever tried the Pomodoro Technique?

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