Russian Best Halloween Movies

Here is the list of the most famous Russian horror movies for a scary Halloween evening.

Вий. Viy (1967).

Perhaps the only Soviet horror film based on the story of Nikolai Gogol. The action takes place in Ukraine. One night the main character, the seminarian Homa Brut, beat the witch, later she died and turned into a charming girl. Soon he was summoned to read the Psalter for three nights at the coffin of a young lady who turns out to be the very witch who now wants to take revenge against Homa.

Гоголь. Начало. (Gogol. Start).

The first part of the trilogy is about Nikolai Gogol, who served as a clerk in St. Petersburg and had, as it turned out, unique abilities that helped solve crimes. Arriving in Ukraine, Gogol began to investigate the mysterious murders of girls in the Poltava province near the small village of Dikanka. However, it turned out that the crimes were committed by very unusual villains.

Гоголь. Вий. (Gogol. Viy).

Гоголь. Страшная месть. (Gogol. The Terrible Revenge).

Ночной дозор.

Night Watch (2003) – one of the earliest and most successful projects in Russian cinema. A young man Anton Gorodetsky comes to the witch and asks her to return his wife who left him for another man. The old witch promised to do this but warns Anton that his wife is expecting a child from her lover, and with witchcraft, the child in the womb will die. Anton agrees. When she almost finished, unknown persons suddenly appeared and prevented the witch from killing the child. These unknowns are from the Night’s Watch, an organization that was created to control the forces of darkness.

Пиковая дама: Черный обряд. (The Queen of Spades: Black Rite).

The Queen of Spades has always had a bad reputation in Russian culture. Who does not know what I mean, I advise you to read Alexander Pushkin’s stories.

One winter evening, teenagers Katya, Matvey, Seryozha, and Anya gathered at Katya’s house. Katya told them about the existence of the Queen of Spades, who lives in the looking glass. The lady can be summoned by performing a special ceremony in front of the mirror. What happens next you can see in this film.

Пиковая дама: Зазеркалье. (The Queen of Spades: Through the Looking Glass).

The film is about the students of a school that was opened in an abandoned mansion. As it turned out, Countess Obolenskaya, who previously owned this mansion, was involved in the deaths of 19 orphans, and their souls still live in the house.

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