Russian авось

Recently, I read an interesting post on the famous social network that made me think. The author claims that people follow someone who knows how to make quick decisions. It doesn’t matter how correct these decisions are. It is much more important to make a decision quickly. This topic is very interesting for me, because I often find it difficult to make a decision. Determined people rule the world, and I agree with that.

There is a very interesting word in the Russian language: авось. It is used when a person hopes that he will be lucky and the problem will somehow be solved by itself.

Авось повезёт! = Может быть, повезёт! Даст Бог, повезёт!

«Русский авось» — it’s something like a reflection of the national character of Russians.

“Russian авось“, according to the omniscient Wikipedia, is a characteristic feature of the Russian character: the tendency to go with the flow or take risks with the hope of a better outcome.

On the one hand, the famous “Russian авось” is the absence of a solution: come what may, and on the other hand, this is also a decision that will also lead to some result.

Решил сыграть в лотерею, авось повезет и выиграю крупный приз. – I decided to play the lottery, maybe I’ll get lucky and win a big prize.

Он решил не читать инструкцию и сделать на авось, но результат оказался ужасным. – He decided not to read the instructions and did it at random, but the result was terrible.

Если у вас проблема со здоровьем, не стоит надеяться на авось, а лучше сразу пойти к врачу. – If you have a health problem, you should not hope for a chance, but it is better to go to the doctor right away.

What do you think is more important: the speed of decision-making or its correctness? Is it difficult for you to make decisions?