11 Tips for Making the Russian Language An Integral Part of Your Everyday Life

Regular learning process is the key to your success in learning of the Russian language. It is very difficult for an adult to find free time for classes, so I have prepared 11 recommendations for you that will help you make Russian a part of your daily routine.

  1. Start keeping shopping lists or scheduled tasks in Russian. You can write it manually or in a special application.
  2. Start keeping a diary: share your events and experiences with the diary. Writing is a great way to practice speaking, especially if it is difficult for you or you are embarrassed by your mistakes. In the diary, you will use words and phrases that are familiar to you, but not artificially selected phrases from a textbook. When we talk to another person, we don’t have time to think – we need to reply fast. You have plenty of time here. In addition, a diary in a foreign language guarantees your privacy 😊
  3. Read social networks only in Russian. We all love spending time on social media. Make this not the most useful habit your assistant in learning Russian. Pay special attention to the comments: It’s a perfect source of a live spoken language. And do not hesitate to express your opinion. Using language is the best motivation.
  4. In our changing world, we spend the lion’s share of our time reading the news: read the news only in Russian.
  5. If you have a hobby, then the Russian language will help you expand your horizons. Get new content or join social media communities, learn more about your favorite business and make new friends. And practice the Russian language!
  6. Watch movies and TV series in Russian.
  7. Switch the language on your smartphone, computer and laptop.
  8. Find a pen pal. As I mentioned earlier, communication in writing is a great rehearsal for speaking. You have time to think, look up the word and translate the unknown phrase.
  9. Listen to music and sing. Songs are great for fixing grammar and practicing pronunciation, especially if you like to sing.
  10. Start talking to yourself 😊 Walking in the park, try to describe what you see: the landscape, people, their actions. Play out dialogues in your head: bargain with an imaginary seller or ask him more questions about the product you need.
  11. Use apps to memorize words while standing in traffic jams and queues. Memrise, Anki, and Quizlet have already become an integral part of the learning process. Take 5-10 minutes to revise the words you have already learned while standing in line at the supermarket or in traffic, time will fly by unnoticed, but with benefit.