10 Russian Songs for Your Russian Fluency

Learning a Russian language can be sometimes a bit confusing and disappointing. You’ve already come a long way, you are making a lot of effort, but it seems that you are standing still. Why not to make your learning way more entertaining? Just include Russian songs into your learning routine. More about how to learn a Russian language through song you can read here. In this article, I’ll give you 10 amazing Russian songs for the best Russian learning.

          1.«Короли ночной России» – a song from a New Year’s musical. The music will surely seem familiar to you – this is a famous composition from the French musical “Romeo and Juliet”. The song perfectly demonstrates the use of the genitive case. And the grace of the brilliant dancer Nikolai Tsiskaridze deserves your attention.



         2. Игорь Корнелюк «Город, которого нет». – the soundtrack to the TV series «Бандитский Петербург» (“Gangster Petersburg”). A very soulful song which contains a bunch of useful grammar structures: adverbial participles, participles, comparatives, etc.) And, just listening to this song is already a great pleasure.



         3. «Я уеду жить в Лондон» by Григорий Лепс и Тимати. The song combines hip-hop and pop styles, and the clip will appeal to fans of London. A text that is read quite slowly and clearly will set you up in a philosophical way. Perfect for practicing verbs of motion.


  1. «Всё зависит от нас самих» by Ёлка. A very positive and motivating song. The soundtrack to the movie “A Gift with Character”. A great song to practice the imperative.

     There is another version of this song performed by different singers from different cities. Highly recommend!


     5. “Девушка по городу», Вячеслав Бутусов и группа «Ю-Питер».  Vyacheslav Butusov is a well-known Soviet and Russian rock artist. The song is perfect for those who want to revise the dative case and verbs of motion.


     6. Место для шага вперёд. «Кино».  Viktor Tsoi is the leading figure of Russian rock. The music of Tsoi and his group “Cinema” fell on the eighties and early nineties. Unfortunately, in August 1991, Viktor died in a car accident, but his work is still considered to be the classic of Russian rock. This song is good for the practice of the genitive case.


      7. «Режиссёр» – гр. «Градусы» – You should definitely listen to this song when you have a bad mood or a rough patch in your life. The simple and clear text makes this song understandable even to a beginner.


      8. Саша+Маша – Фабрика звёзд. 

«The Factory of Stars» is one of the first talent shows in Russia. Almost every song became a hit, and the Russian stage was replenished with new talents. For example, Eurovision winner Dima Bilan is a graduate of this show. The song is very simple, it will be useful if you want to revise the accusative case.


  1. «Ой, Дуся, ой, Маруся» – группа «Отава Ё». The Russian folk group gives a second life to classical folk songs. I recommend listening to this song and watching the video to all connoisseurs of the Russian culture. You will not remain indifferent.


     10. «Если у вас нету тёти » – из к\ф «Ирония судьбы, или С лёгким паром!». – I couldn’t get past the classics :). The soundtrack to a Soviet film about a klutz who, after going to the bathhouse with friends, mistakenly flew to another city. The film is very popular in Russia, especially in the New Year. Excellent practice of the genitive case.

Russian songs can be an excellent source of colloquial expressions, slang, grammar and interesting vocabulary, which cannot in any textbook. A guide on how to study Russian through the Russian songs you can find here

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