Checklist for the level A1 in Russian

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Essential topics of Russian for beginners course (A1 level).

The Russian grammar is like a deep ocean:) You need a guide not to lose your way. 

In this article, you can find a checklist of the essential grammar and vocabulary topics for beginners (A1 level). Make your learning more structured.

A1 Level



  • Gender
  • Nouns singular and plural


  • Adjectives of all genders and numbers in Nominative case
  • Question word какой and its forms
  • Degrees of comparison
  • Short adjectives должен, рад, готов, занят

Modal words можно, нельзя


  • personal pronouns
  • possessive pronouns
  • demonstrative pronoun
  • interrogative pronouns


  • 1 and 2 conjugations
  • past tense
  • reflexive verbs учиться, заниматься, кататься, называться
  • -ова- \ -ва verbs
  • aspects
  • the imperative
  • compound form of the future tense
  • verbs of motion идти (пойти) – ходить, ехать (поехать) – ездить
  • verbs of motion + nouns (идти в парк)


  • General information
  • Prefix по- + suffix -ск- : по-русски


  • cardinal
  • ordinal


  • simple sentence.
  • questions Кто это? Что это?
  • question words
  • impersonal sentence.
  • composite sentence with conjunctions кто, что, какой, который, когда, чей, сколько, почему, поэтому.


  • Accusative
  • Prepositional
  • Genitive case
  • Dative case
  • Instrumental case


  • My family
  • Shopping
  • At the cafe
  • In the city
  • Free time
  • In the university
  • Holidays
  • Work
  • Food
  • Appearance
  • At the doctor’s
  • Numbers.
  • Days of the week and time.
  • My home
  • Transport
  • Countries and language

Checklists for pre-intermediate (A2) and intermediate (B1) level.

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