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Learn Russian with Songs

Dear Russian learners! Would you like to improve your Russian in a fun way?

I’d like to invite you to my new course based on the popular Russian songs. In this course, you’ll refresh your grammar knowledge, improve your listening skills, and your vocabulary in a fun way. The course is suitable for A2+ – B2+ students.

How it works:

  1. The course consists of 10 songs.
  2. Once in three days, you get a mail with a new song and tasks based on the lyrics and the relevant grammar.
  3. After completing the tasks you send them back to me by email or WhatsApp and get my feedback and recommendations.
  4. The speaking tasks should be recorded and sent via email or WhatsApp too.
  5. Each worksheet has a link to Quizlet so you can practise new vocabulary whenever you want.

Grammar topics:

  1. the past tense;
  2. the genitive case;
  3. the accusative case;
  4. aspects;
  5. verbs of motion;
  6. conditional sentences;
  7. the imperative;
  8. adverbs;
  9. adjectives;
  10. particle ли.

Cost: 30$/25€

Duration: 1 month

If you would like to join the course, please, fill up the form. I’ll contact you as soon as possible.